RSNA 2020 Newsroom

Following are RSNA 2020 annual meeeting press releases/announcements listed in reverse chronological order. For more information please contact the RSNA Media Relations team (630-590-7762).

Release Date Release Title
Dec 2, 2020 AI Abdominal Fat Measure Predicts Heart Attack and Stroke
Dec 1, 2020 Bruce G. Haffty, M.D., Named President-Elect of the RSNA Board
Dec 1, 2020 Mary C. Mahoney, M.D., Named President of the RSNA Board
Dec 1, 2020 Matthew A. Mauro, M.D., Named Chair of the RSNA Board
Dec 1, 2020 Sanjeev Bhalla, M.D., Joins RSNA Board of Directors
Nov 30, 2020 Forearm Fractures May Signal Intimate Partner Violence
Nov 30, 2020 Deep Learning Predicts Woman’s Risk for Breast Cancer
Nov 29, 2020 COVID-19 Research Receives RSNA Margulis Award
Nov 25, 2020 Cooking with Wood May Cause Lung Damage
Nov 24, 2020 Popular Weight-Loss Surgery in Teenagers Weakens Bones
Nov 24, 2020 Anxiety Associated with Faster Alzheimer’s Disease Onset
Nov 23, 2020 RSNA Announces Winners of Pulmonary Embolism AI Challenge
Nov 23, 2020 Researchers Create 3D-Printed Nasal Swab for COVID-19 Testing
Nov 23, 2020 Eye Exam Could Lead to Early Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis
Nov 19, 2020 Food, Housing Insecurities May Delay Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Nov 18, 2020 Diabetes, Hypertension May Increase Risk of COVID-19 Brain Complications
Nov 17, 2020 Racket Sports May Worsen Knee Arthritis
Nov 16, 2020 Novel Technique ‘Stuns’ Arthritis Pain in Shoulder and Hip
Nov 10, 2020 RSNA Facts