94th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting

RSNA 2008 Newsroom

Following are RSNA 2008 annual meeeting press releases/announcements listed in reverse chronological order. For more information please contact the RSNA Media Relations team (630-590-7762).

Release Date Title of Press Release
Dec 4, 2008 Gary J. Becker, M.D., Named RSNA President
Dec 4, 2008 Hedvig Hricak, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. h.c., Named RSNA President-Elect
Dec 4, 2008 Burton P. Drayer, M.D., Named RSNA Chairman of the Board
Dec 4, 2008 Richard L. Baron, M.D., Joins RSNA Board
Dec 3, 2008 Stress-Related Disorders Affect Brain's Processing of Memory
Dec 3, 2008 Radiologists Diagnose and Treat Self-Embedding Disorder in Teens
Dec 3, 2008 Robotic Technology Improves Stroke Rehabilitation
Dec 2, 2008 CT Colonography Offers One-Stop Screening for Cancer and Osteoporosis
Dec 2, 2008 Portable CT Increases Chance of Stroke Survival and Recovery
Dec 2, 2008 Patient Photos Spur Radiologist Empathy and Eye for Detail
Dec 2, 2008 New Mammography Technology Effective in Detecting Breast Cancer
Dec 2, 2008 New Breast Imaging Technology Targets Hard-to-Detect Cancers
Dec 2, 2008 RSNA Awards Gold Medals to Drs. Fritzsche, Proto and Rogers
Dec 1, 2008 Radiological Society of North America Awards Honorary Memberships
Dec 1, 2008 RSNA Announces Honored Lectures and Annual Oration Topics
Dec 1, 2008 Breast Cancer Treatment Offers Better Outcome to Women with Implants
Dec 1, 2008 Exercise Helps Prevent Age-Related Brain Changes in Older Adults
Dec 1, 2008 Brain Waves Show Sound Processing Abnormalities in Autistic Children
Dec 1, 2008 New Treatment Eliminates Heel Pain Caused by Plantar Fasciitis
Dec 1, 2008 MRI Shows New Types of Injuries in Young Gymnasts
Dec 1, 2008 RSNA Facts
Dec 1, 2008 Meeting Facts
Nov 30, 2008 Additional Story Ideas