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Following are RSNA 2005 annual meeeting press releases/announcements listed in reverse chronological order. For more information please contact the RSNA Media Relations team (630-590-7762).

Release Date Title of Press Release
Dec 2, 2005 X-Rays Good Predictor of Survival in Avian Flu Patients
Nov 30, 2005 Radiologists Tackle Diagnosis of Puzzling Football Injuries
Nov 30, 2005 Noninvasive Ultrasound Treatment Shrinks Fibroids
Nov 30, 2005 Diagnostic Images Show Go-Carts Cause Serious Injuries to Children
Nov 30, 2005 Imaging Shows Similarities in Brains of Marijuana Smokers, Schizophrenics
Nov 30, 2005 Coffee Jump-starts Short-term Memory
Nov 29, 2005 MR-Guided Laser Effective in Treating Liver Tumors
Nov 29, 2005 Internet May Be Answer to Mammography Crisis
Nov 29, 2005 'No Sweat' CT-Guided Injection Treats Embarrassing Hand Condition
Nov 29, 2005 HRCT Reveals Asthmatic Risk Long After Cat Allergen Exposure
Nov 29, 2005 New Cell Transplantation Technique Restores Insulin Production in Diabetics
Nov 28, 2005 Obesity Prevents Injections from Reaching Muscle
Nov 28, 2005 New Technology May Help Radiologists Find More Breast Cancers
Nov 28, 2005 Virtual Colonoscopy Performance Enhanced by Computer-Aided Detection
Nov 28, 2005 Carotid Artery Stenting Improves Thought Process