95th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting

RSNA 2009 Newsroom

Following are RSNA 2009 annual meeeting press releases/announcements listed in reverse chronological order. For more information please contact the RSNA Media Relations team (630-590-7762).

Release Date Title of Press Release
Dec 3, 2009 Burton P. Drayer, M.D., Named RSNA President-Elect
Dec 3, 2009 George S. Bisset III, M.D., Named RSNA Chairman of the Board
Dec 3, 2009 Hedvig Hricak, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. h.c., Named RSNA President
Dec 3, 2009 William T. Thorwarth Jr., M.D., Joins RSNA Board
Dec 2, 2009 Outpatient Disc Treatment Gives Long-Term Back Pain Relief
Dec 2, 2009 Targeted Breast Ultrasound Can Reduce Biopsies for Women under Forty
Dec 2, 2009 Annual Screening with Breast Ultrasound or MRI Could Benefit Some Women
Dec 1, 2009 Overweight Children May Develop Back Pain and Spinal Abnormalities
Dec 1, 2009 Mammography May Increase Breast Cancer Risk in Some High-Risk Women
Dec 1, 2009 MRI Helps Detect Life-Threatening Pregnancy Complication
Dec 1, 2009 Special Ultrasound Accurately Identifies Skin Cancer
Dec 1, 2009 Childhood Lead Exposure Causes Permanent Brain Damage
Dec 1, 2009 Severe Asymptomatic Heart Disease May Accompany Narrowing in Leg Arteries
Dec 1, 2009 RSNA Awards Gold Medals to Drs. Glazer, Lentle and Levin
Nov 30, 2009 Smart Phones Allow Quick Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis
Nov 30, 2009 Elastography Reduces Unnecessary Breast Biopsies
Nov 30, 2009 Beverage Can Stay-Tabs Pose Swallowing Risk
Nov 30, 2009 Unindicated CT Series Result in Unnecessary Radiation Exposure for Patients
Nov 30, 2009 Too Much Physical Activity May Lead to Arthritis
Nov 30, 2009 Radiological Society of North America Awards Honorary Memberships
Nov 30, 2009 RSNA Announces Honored Lectures and Annual Oration Topics
Nov 29, 2009 New Study Finds Men and Women May Respond Differently to Danger
Nov 29, 2009 Image Sharing Demonstration Includes Dose Monitoring to Improve Patient Safety
Nov 23, 2009 RSNA Awarded Contract to Develop Medical Image Sharing Network
Nov 20, 2009 Meeting Facts

• Expert panel discusses screening mammography guidelines controversy: PDF    Video Recording

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