93rd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting

RSNA 2007 Newsroom

Following are RSNA 2007 annual meeeting press releases/announcements listed in reverse chronological order. For more information please contact the RSNA Media Relations team (630-590-7762).

Release Date Title of Press Release
Nov 29, 2007 Theresa C. McLoud, M.D., Named RSNA President
Nov 29, 2007 Gary J. Becker, M.D., Named RSNA President-Elect
Nov 29, 2007 Hedvig Hricak, M.D., Ph.D., Named RSNA Chairman of the Board
Nov 29, 2007 Ronald L. Arenson, M.D., Joins RSNA Board
Nov 28, 2007 Radiologists, Medical Physicists Working Toward Patient Safety in CT
Nov 28, 2007 Novel Imaging Technique Shows Gray Matter Increase in Brains of Autistic Children
Nov 28, 2007 'Stereo' Mammography Takes Breast Imaging to a New Dimension
Nov 28, 2007 Minimally Invasive Treatment Reduces Shoulder Pain from Tendonitis
Nov 28, 2007 High Blood Pressure May Heighten Effects of Alzheimer's Disease
Nov 27, 2007 PET/CT Brings New Hope to Patients with Deadly Form of Breast Cancer
Nov 27, 2007 New Automated System IDs Victims of Mass Disasters in Minutes
Nov 27, 2007 Another Complication for Gastric Bypass Patients
Nov 27, 2007 Radiation Exposure of Pregnant Women More than Doubles in 10 Years
Nov 27, 2007 RSNA Awards Gold Medals to Drs. Bryan, Hendee and Thrall
Nov 26, 2007 City-Dwelling Women at Greater Risk for Breast Cancer
Nov 26, 2007 Novel MRI Technique Shows Secondhand Smoke Damages Lungs
Nov 26, 2007 Attitudes Toward Mammography Differ Across Ethnicities, Cultures, Backgrounds
Nov 26, 2007 Injury Report Shows All-Terrain Vehicles Not Child's Play
Nov 26, 2007 Radiological Society of North America Awards Honorary Memberships
Nov 26, 2007 RSNA Announces Honored Lectures and Annual Oration Topics
Nov 26, 2007 CT Angiography Highly Accurate, Multicenter Trials Show