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RSNA R&E Foundation Launches Inspire-Innovate-Invest Campaign

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Released: November 20, 2014

OAK BROOK (Nov. 20, 2014)— As the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) celebrates 100 years as a community of innovators, leaders, researchers, educators and practitioners, the Research & Education (R&E) Foundation is launching a fundraising campaign to honor that milestone.

"Inspire-Innovate-Invest: The Campaign for Funding Radiology's Future®" officially commences at the Society's 100th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting beginning Nov. 30 in Chicago. The goal of the Campaign is to raise $17.5 million to fund grants in radiologic research and education, bridging gaps in funding for promising investigators and educators.

The campaign slogan, "Inspire-Innovate-Invest," captures just how essential donations are to radiologic research. Those who donate $25,000 or more will be recognized in the Foundation's most prominent giving category, the Centennial Pathfinders, which is broken into three subcategories: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

"I feel strongly that investment in this Campaign will help to ensure the future of research and education in all disciplines of radiology," said Valerie P. Jackson, M.D., RSNA Board Liaison for Education and a Gold Centennial Pathfinder. "Innovation will be necessary to keep our field moving forward in order to optimize patient care in the future."

The RSNA R&E Foundation has awarded $44 million to more than 1,000 educators and investigators since its inception in 1984. The grant money has enabled more than $1.5 billion in research funding. A recent study of grant recipients shows that every $1 awarded by the Foundation generates more than $40 in subsequent funds received as principal or co-investigator from other sources, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

"I have made a commitment to help support the R&E Foundation because I can think of no better legacy to leave for radiology than a strong, well-funded research foundation," said Jerry P. Petasnick, M.D., a Gold Centennial Pathfinder.

Due to decreased funding opportunities elsewhere in recent years, the Foundation has seen an unprecedented growth in applicants. In 2014, the Foundation received a record 264 grant applications, a 12 percent increase over 2013. Over the past five years, the number of applications has increased 100 percent.

"Like all of us, I have ample requests for philanthropic donations. I choose the RSNA R&E Foundation for my major donations because it has the most impact on our profession," said William G. Bradley Jr., M.D., Ph.D., another Gold Centennial Pathfinder. "Research is what keeps radiology strong, and the R&E Foundation gets research going at the junior level to stimulate future larger grant submissions to the NIH and other funding agencies. It all begins with the R&E."

Donations support a number of grants awarded by the Foundation, including the Research Scholar Grant, Research Resident/Fellow Grant, Research Seed Grant, Research Medical Student Grant, Education Scholar Grant and the RSNA/AUR/APDR/SCARD Radiology Education Research Development Grant.

In 2014, money was distributed across these programs to investigators and educators in all career stages representing 46 institutions.

"As a medical physicist within radiology, the RSNA has played an integral part in my professional career on both the scientific and educational level," said Stephen R. Thomas, Ph.D., a Silver Centennial Pathfinder. "I welcome the opportunity to contribute to the continuing impact that the RSNA has in nurturing young investigators in the radiologic sciences through my direct support of the R&E Foundation during its Inspire-Innovate-Invest Campaign."

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