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Strength in Numbers: Strategic Radiology Donates $800,000 for RSNA Research Seed Grants

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Released: October 10, 2016

OAK BROOK, Ill. — Strategic Radiology (SR), a consortium of 26 practice groups, representing more than 1,400 radiologists from around the U.S., has committed $800,000 to fund 20 Strategic Radiology Research Seed Grants through the RSNA Research and Education (R&E) Foundation. SR is the second Visionaries in Practice donor to fund a named grant award via the Foundation's Inspire-Innovate-Invest: The Campaign for Funding Radiology's Future®.

SR's Inspire-Innovate-Invest campaign commitment will be funded by annual donations from its practice group members.

"The creation of a Strategic Radiology Research Seed Grant is another step in investing directly in the future of our profession, and we couldn't be happier to be associated with the RSNA and the R&E Foundation," said SR chairman Arl Van Moore Jr., M.D., FACR. "They share our commitment to innovation, to what is best for our patients and to being a positive example in our profession. We are proud of our partnership and look forward to future collaborations."

Gregory C. Karnaze, M.D., brought the idea of the named grant award to SR practice groups and Board of Governors. Dr. Karnaze is treasurer of the RSNA R&E Foundation's Board of Trustees and also president of Austin Radiological Association (ARA), which is a member group of SR and, in 2015, became the first private practice to fund a named grant award with the Foundation.

"Strategic Radiology is the leading group in the country in strengthening and enhancing the private practice of radiology and in promoting cooperation and clinical integration among radiology practices," Dr. Karnaze said. "The funding of this grant is one more example of the strong commitment of SR to the field of radiology including research and education."

SR was established in 2009 when like-minded practice groups realized they shared many of the same visions, values and goals. SR's practice group members use a communal approach to sharing data and best practices, interchanging clinical expertise, and consolidating certain practice expenses to further their mission to improve lives by creating superior radiology value through collaboration and innovation.

In the seven years since its inception, SR has grown substantially and many of its goals are now coming to fruition. SR member groups currently utilize a common data sharing and analytics platform that allows them to share radiology best practices. By demonstrating the technical capabilities to move imaging studies among its members, SR is in the process of creating a reading network.

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